Bengali Translation & Bengali Interpretation Services

Bengali Translation & Bengali Interpretation Services

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Number of Speakers

Number of Speakers Native Speakers: 260 million

Geographic Distribution

India, Bangladesh

Official or Recognized Status

Official: India, Bangladesh


Indo-European, Indo-Aryan


Subject-verb-object (SVO) word order with some flexibility. Nouns and pronouns are inflected for case (nominative, objective, genitive, and locative), with minimal inflection for adjectives. Verbs are heavily conjugated. Non-finite verbs are inflected for person (first, second, or third), tense (past, present, future), aspect (simple, perfect, progressive), and honor/status (intimate, familiar, and formal). The copula “to be” is not used in the present tense, representing a unique feature of Bengali as compared to other related Indo-Aryan languages.

Bengali vocabulary is derived from the Magadhan languages, with loanwords from Arabic, Persian, Turkish, and Sanskrit. The variety of Bengali spoken in Bangladesh utilizes more loanwords from Arabic/Persian while Bengali spoken in India utilizes more loanwords from Sanskrit.


Standard Bengali is based on the Rarhi dialect spoken in Kolkata and the Nadia districts of West Bengal. Most Bengali speakers are fluent in multiple dialects, some of which are largely mutually unintelligible.

Writing System

Brahmic script

U.S. Distribution

More than 320,000 speakers of Bengali in the United States, making Bengali the 21st most widely spoken language in the U.S. Large concentrations of Bengali Americans are located in New York, California, New Jersey, Texas, Michigan, Virginia, and Florida.

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