Document Translation Service

Document Translation

Written translation involves the conversion of a source language (SL) text into a target language (TL). The source language is followed so that original style, nuances, and tone remain intact in the translated version. Additionally, the original message is conveyed in an equivalent, idiomatically appropriate, and culturally sensitive manner.

At Latitude Prime, we provide high-quality document translations in virtually any discipline. We can translate nearly any type of document, and in more than 200 languages. Among the many technical fields that we support include legal, medical/healthcare, government, life sciences, information technology (IT) & software, engineering, and more.

All of our document translations are completed by professional, certified translators and editors. Each of our translators and editors have gone through our rigorous recruitment and vetting process. Furthermore, all translation projects are managed by our team of professional Project Managers and go through our comprehensive, multi-step Quality Control Process. Our QC process includes Translation-Editing-Proofreading (TEP) and exceeds ISO and ASTM International standards for translation services. This ensures that you receive a flawless final translation.

Certified Translation

Latitude Prime can provide “certified” and “sworn” translations for all manner of legal document translation needs. Certified translations are typically required by educational institutes, government offices and for certain legal matters and proceedings, such as immigration.

A “certified translation” includes a sworn declaration or affidavit from the translator or translation provider affirming that they are competent in both the source and target languages, and that the translation has been completed to the best of their knowledge and ability.

Translators (and/or the language service provider) include their name, signature and contact information to support the certification, which will be provided on official company letterhead. This certification allows the reviewing party to be sure that the information provided in the translated document is accurate.


At Latitude Prime, we provide two kinds of review services for previously translated documents – editing and proofreading. While editing and proofreading are included as part of our standard multi-step translation process, some clients have documents that have already been translated, either by another translation company or a bilingual in-house staff member and would like a separate set of eyes to review and improve the translation. That is where our translation editing/proofreading services come in.

As part of our editing service, one of our professional editors will thoroughly review the translated content, comparing it to the source text, and fixing any translation errors. The translation is checked for accuracy, grammar, spelling, punctuation, among others. The editor also verifies that the original translator followed any client-specific instructions and that no text has been left untranslated. Our editors can also take a translation intended for a particular target audience and modify it for a different target audience. For example, adapting a document originally translated into Castilian Spanish for Spain for use with a Latin American audience. They can even adapt a translated document for a different reading level.

Our proofreading service involves a third native speaker of the target language checking the translation for grammatically and idiomatically appropriate language. Also, it ensures that the content does not read like a translation, but as if it was originally written in the target language. Our proofreader will also run additional checks for spelling, grammar, punctuation, formatting, and completeness.

Document Review

For clients that have a large volume of foreign language materials, but are not sure if all of the content needs to be fully translated, we also offer a document review service.

This service is particularly useful with legal e-discovery and involves a professional translator (or team of translators) reviewing all of the content based on a specific set of guidelines provided by the client. The translator will then flag any documents that meet the specified criteria and work with the client to determine which documents or pages may need to be fully translated.

Our document review services can be provided either remotely or on-site at a client’s location and for either short-term or long-term projects.


A summary or “gist” translation is typically used in situations where the turnaround time is extremely tight, or if a client only needs a general understanding of the topic of the foreign language document(s) or certain pieces of relevant information.

One of our professional linguists will read through the document, assessing the most important elements of the text as they go, and based on instructions and specifications detailed in advance by the client. This information is then summarized and translated into the target language, providing a concise and accurate summary of the foreign language content.

This service is regularly applied to create summaries of foreign language newspaper articles, press releases, and other published materials. In this way, the most salient information can be transmitted to the necessary parties as soon as possible.

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