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Number of Speakers

Native Speakers: 7.7 million (for the macrolanguage)

Geographic Distribution

China, Vietnam, Thailand, Laos

Official or Recognized Status

Official: None




A tonal language that uses 7-8 tones, depending on the dialect. An analytic language that uses a subject-verb-object (SVO) word order. An isolating language wherein most morphemes are monosyllabic, with little inflection. Since verbs are not inflected to indicate tense, temporal adverbs are used to indicate past, present, and future. Verbal modifiers are used to indicate aspect. Adjectives and demonstratives follow the noun.


Hmong Daw (“White Hmong”), Hmong Du, Mong Shi, Hmong Leng, and Mong Njua (China); Hmong Daw, Hmong Du, Mong Shi, Hmong Leng, and Mong Njua (Laos); Mong Shi, Hmong Do, and Hmong Don (Vietnam). The various dialects and dialect clusters are largely mutually intelligible, although little is known about the varieties spoken in Vietnam.

Writing System

More than a dozen different scripts, the most popular of which have included the Pollard script, Pahawh Hmong, Ntawv Thoob Teb (RPA), Nyiakeng Puachue Hmong, and more.

U.S. Distribution

Approximately 280,000 Hmong in the United States, with the largest communities found in California, Minnesota, and Wisconsin. Approximately 60% of Hmong-Americans speak the White Hmong (Hmong Daw) dialect and 40% speak the Mong Leng dialect. The first Hmong language advertising was released by McDonald’s in St. Paul, Minnesota.

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