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Number of Speakers

Native Speakers: 67 million; Total Speakers: 85 million

Geographic Distribution


Official or Recognized Status

Official: Italy


Romance Language


Follows a subject-verb-object (SVO) word order, although much more loosely than in English, with the verb being highly mobile. It is also a null-subject language, meaning that the subject is often omitted. A descendant of Latin, Italian shares many common grammatical features with other Romance Languages, such as Spanish and Portuguese, such as gendered nouns (masculine or feminine). However, unlike other Romance Languages, Italian has preserved the short and long consonants of Latin. Nouns, adjectives, and articles are inflected for gender. There are three “regular” sets of verb conjugations, as well as numerous “irregular” verb conjugations. The majority of Italian vocabulary comes from Latin/Vulgar Latin, although the language has also borrowed words from neighboring countries and cultures, as well as English.


Standard Italian is the principal dialect; however, Italy is a linguistically diverse country, with numerous dialects of Italian (Regional Italian), as well as numerous languages that while they are often referred to as “dialects” of Italian, are classified as separate languages and are often not mutually intelligible with Italian.

Writing System

Latin alphabet

U.S. Distribution

The Italian language and Italian diaspora that brought its language, culture, and cuisine to the United States over many years, have had a vital impact of the development of this country and its history. It began with with mass immigration from Italy to the United States during the late 19th century. Currently, Italian is the 8th most spoken language in the United States, with about 708,000 of the 15+ million Italian Americans speaking Italian at home. Areas with large Italian-speaking populations include Buffalo, Chicago, Miami, New York City, and Philadelphia.

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