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한국어 / 韓國語 Hangugeo

Number of Speakers

Native Speakers: 77.2 million

Geographic Distribution

Korean Peninsula

Official or Recognized Status

Official: Republic of Korea (South Korean), Democratic People’s Republic of Korean (North Korea); Recognized minority language in parts of China and Russia


Koreanic (language isolate)


An agglutinative language with a subject-object-verb (SOV) word order. Word order is somewhat flexible, with the verb representing the only immovable element of the sentence. Korean uses seven different levels of “honorific speech” to denote the relationship between speakers. There are four types of verbs which are conjugated by adding suffixes to the end of the root verb, indicating tense, aspect, and mood.


The standard dialect of South Korea is based on the Seoul dialect, while the standard dialect in North Korean is based on the Pyongyang dialect. There are also numerous regional dialects which grew as a result of long periods of physical isolation between regions due to the mountainous terrain of the Korean peninsula.

Writing System

Hangul script

U.S. Distribution

There are around 1.8 million speakers of Korean in the United States, representing the second largest overseas Korean community (next to China). The metropolitan regions with the largest Korean communities are the Greater Los Angeles Metropolitan Region, Greater New York Metropolitan Region, and the Baltimore-Washington Metropolitan Area.

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