Language Interpreter Services for Healthcare


If you work in a hospital or other healthcare setting as a physician, nurse, or other medical professional, you are likely to encounter some language barriers with patients or family members who are Limited English Proficient (LEP). However, language interpretation and translation services can help you to effectively communicate and build strong relationships with these patients and their family members, despite speaking different languages. At Latitude Prime, we provide effective healthcare interpretation services to help you communicate with LEP and non-English-speaking individuals.

Some of the benefits of utilizing a certified language interpreter service in the medical and healthcare fields include:

Get More Accurate Medical Histories

Without speaking your patient’s language, you can face serious challenges in gathering a complete medical history which is vital to effective medical treatment. The slightest error or missed information can lead to grave consequences. Therefore, having a trained and certified professional who can interpret medical terminology and provide accurate information about treatment options is critical when your patient is not able to communicate fluently in English.

Increase Efficiency and Speed in Clinics, Offices, and Hospitals

With help from a certified medical interpreter from Latitude Prime, you can be confident that your patients’ medical information will be conveyed accurately and that they will fully understand all necessary medical information and instructions. Without having to go back and seek additional information and clarifications, or potentially make an incorrect diagnosis or have a patient misunderstand a doctor’s or pharmacist’s instructions because of a language barrier, medical professionals and organizations can benefit greatly from a more efficient process by working with a professional language interpretation service, including everything from the initial contact to follow-up appointments.

With easy access to professional interpreters, you can also save time in order to be able to see and treat more patients each day. Medical interpreters can be available continuously, either on-site at your location or via 24/7 remote telephone and/or video access. Having such qualified medical interpreters available within moments can also free up nurses and other medical staff to focus more on medical care and working with patients than trying to track down an interpreter for a particular language.

Minimizing Patient and Family Stress

The process of seeking medical care can be trying in and of itself, without the addition of communication issues as a result of language barriers. Certified healthcare interpretation services give patients and their families the assurance that their voice and vital medical information will be understood correctly.

Increase the Reputation of Your Hospital or Practice

By using certified language interpreters in your hospital, clinic, or medical office, you will also increase the service reputation in your local community. Patients who speak another language will also have greater confidence and peace of mind in the care they receive when a certified interpretation services are available.

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