Language Technology Solutions

Language Technology Solutions

In today’s rapidly evolving global economy, content creation and content management have become more important than ever. Therefore, Latitude Prime offers state-of-the-art language technology solutions and tools to make the translation, localization, and management of our clients’ foreign language content more efficient and cost-effective.

Our language technology solutions and tools include the latest in Computer-Assisted Translation (CAT) and Translation Memory (TM) software, content management and translation project management systems, machine translation solutions, localization tools, multilingual desktop publishing (DTP), optical character recognition (OCR) tools, and much more.

This start-to-finish process management allows you to avoid the hassle of having to work with (and manage) multiple vendors and leave all your language-related needs safely in our hands. Not to mention, the gains in efficiency, turnaround time, consistency, and cost-savings that you will benefit from.

Computer-Assisted Translation (CAT) & Translation Memory (TM)

Among the most frequently used and effective language technology tools are Computer-Assisted Translation (CAT) and Translation Memory (TM) programs. CAT/TM tools are not machine translation (MT). Rather, they assist the translator to increase efficiency, maintain consistency and quality control, and manage costs by leveraging repetitious of previously translated content.

Simply put, this process works by processing the content through the CAT/TM tool to generate an analysis that is broken down into sentence fragments and categorized into no matches (new words), fuzzy (partial) matches, 100% matches, and repetitions. Each of these tiers are priced at an increasingly lower rate, as the CAT/TM tools prompt the translator to re-use pre-existing translations that are saved in the TM database from previously in the translation (or an earlier, related translation). Every time a translation is re-used or suggested by the CAT/TM program, however, a human translator verifies that the program’s suggested translation is appropriate within that specific context.

As your bilingual corpus of translated content grows larger, your cost savings will also increase as the translators are translating less and less “new” content. This also improves efficiency and linguistic consistency. Moreover, you can rest assured that your translations are still being performed by professional, certified, and human translators and editors.

Translation Management System (TMS)

Latitude Prime also uses the latest in Translation Management System (TMS) technology. Our customized TMS provides a feature-rich online portal can submit requests for translation, localization, and schedule interpreters; receive and approve quotes; track the status of current projects in “real-time”; run reports on language service expenditures, and much more.

Our state-of-the-art TMS also allows us to more efficiently manage hundreds of individual language projects simultaneously, integrate CAT/TM tools, manage content, maintain version control, and streamline the entire workflow. This saves our clients on both time and costs by providing a centralized dashboard management tool. Moreover, our system is fully secure in accordance with ISO standards and HIPAA requirements.

Machine Translation (MT) Solutions

Latitude Prime also offers Machine Translation (MT) services, although only upon request, consultation, and approval from our clients, and for certain types of translation projects. For example, if you have large volumes of content to translate, but only require a draft-quality translation for informational or internal purposes, MT might be an option for you. Or, if you have large quantities of documents and need a cost-effective way to perform “triage” to determine which documents will require a complete, certified translation, MT can also provide a lower-cost option.

We support multiple different MT engines that cover a range of specialized subject areas, from Japanese chemical patent translations to technical manuals for electronics, pharmaceuticals, and more. Depending on the nature of your project, we will work with you to determine the best tool for the job, whether it is a Neural Machine Translation (NMT) program powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI), a customized rules-based machine translation engine, and in virtual any domain specialization our clients require.

We can also provide hybrid solutions, such as Human-Assisted Machine Translation (HAMT). When utilized HAMT, the initial translation is performed by a specialized MT engine and the output is then edited by a professional human editor.

In conclusion, as with many industries, technology has revolutionized the language services industry, and Latitude Prime is at the forefront of adopting these solutions for our clients to provide faster turnaround times, higher quality deliverables, and the most cost-effective language solutions for each of our clients.

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