Quality Control

When working with a language services provider, there is no factor more important than providing QUALITY services. After all, a single mistranslated or misunderstood term can scuttle an international business negotiation by unintentionally offending your foreign partner or run afoul of a law or regulation. Or, the color scheme of your website for wedding planning services in China is white, which signifies “death” in Chinese culture. In this case, a good language services partner would let you know that red is a more appropriate color scheme for this particular project.

At Latitude Prime (LP), QUALITY is the key objective in every assignment that we do, and quality control is involved in every step of PrimeCheck™, our proprietary, comprehensive, fully integrated, and scalable Quality Management System. This process includes the following key steps:

  • Initial Consultation, Detailed Analysis, and Pre-Project Preparation;
  • Selection of the appropriate linguist(s) based on language and subject matter expertise (SME);
  • Translation, Editing, and Proofreading (TEP) for written translation requests, all performed by separate qualified linguists;
  • Final Review and Client Delivery;
  • Post-Project Follow-up and Assessment

As translation and interpreting are human processes, there is no element more important to providing a quality service than the linguists themselves. All of our professional, certified translators and interpreters go through our rigorous recruitment and vetting process that includes verification of experience and credentials, linguistic testing, and reference checks. Our linguists are also continuously evaluated through regular audits of their translation and interpreting assignments to ensure that quality standards and expectations are maintained for as long as they are working with Latitude Prime.

Moreover, as part of our commitment to providing the highest quality services to our clients, Latitude Prime is ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 17100:2015 Certified, and our systems, processes, and methodology are fully compliant with the recommendations of ISO 17100:2015 (Translation Services – Requirements for Translation Services), ISO 18841:2018 (Interpreting Services – General Requirements & Recommendations), as well as ASTM F2575 – 14 Standard Guide for Quality Assurance in Translation and ASTM F2089 – 15 Standard Practice for Language Interpreting. These rigorous guidelines have been carefully crafted by industry leaders, experts, and government over the last two decades.

Therefore, when you choose Latitude Prime as your language services partner, you are guaranteed to receive the highest quality services, with experienced professionals and proven processes to handle even the most complex language projects.