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српски / hrvatski / bosanski / crnogorski

Number of Speakers

Native Speakers: 21 million

Geographic Distribution

Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Montenegro, Kosovo

Official or Recognized Status

Official: Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Montenegro, Kosovo


South Slavic Language


Follows a subject-verb-object (SVO) word order, although with a degree of flexibility. It is also a “pro-drop” language in which certain types of pronouns can be dropped when they are made clear by the context. As a South Slavic language, it has many common features with other languages in its family, such as maintaining three genders for nouns (male, female, and neuter). Serbo-Croatian is a highly inflected language and includes seven cases for nouns and adjectives, with adjectives placed before the noun they modify. Verbs, which require conjugation, include seven tenses and three moods.


The “standard” dialect of the Serbo-Croatian language and all four standard variants (Serbian, Croatian, Bosnian, and Montenegrin) are based on the Eastern Herzegovinian subdialect, Neo-Shtokavian. Being a pluricentric language, the differences between the four “standard” variants is more political/ethnic than linguistic and most linguists agree that “Serbo-Croatian” is a single language. The International Standards Organization (ISO) considers Serbo-Croatian as a “macrolanguage.” Besides the four “standard” versions of the language, which are mostly mutually intelligible, there are a number of other less widely spoken Serbo-Croatian dialects with varying degrees of mutual intelligibility.

Writing System

Cyrillic Alphabet & Latin Alphabet

U.S. Distribution

In the United States, the numbers of Serbian-Americans are roughly 190,000, as well as 415,000 Croatian-Americans, 200,000 Bosnian Americans, and 40,000 Montenegrin-Americans, although not all speak their respective standard varieties of Serbo-Croatian at home. Some of the largest populations of these groups in the U.S. can be found in California, New York, Illinois, Missouri, and Pennsylvania.

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