If you have audio or audio/video content in a foreign language that you need to be transcribed and/or translated, Latitude Prime is here to help. The translations can be provided from any language into English and from English into any language, in a variety of technical subject areas. The types of materials that typically require transcription and translation include videotaped depositions, phone calls, news broadcasts, training videos, movies, seminars, speeches, presentations, public service messages, and scripts.

We can work with audio recordings in nearly every format, such as WMV, MP3, MP4, AVI, and many more. We can even work with cassette recordings. Depending on the type and quality of the content, costs for transcription are determined per minute of recording or hour of transcription work.

Our expert foreign language transcribers, who are all native speakers of the source language and specific regional dialect, which is important when dealing with audio content, as regional slang, jargon, and accents are much more pronounced in oral communications than in written format. Once the initial transcription has been completed in a two-column format template (or a template of the client’s choosing), one of our expert translators will translate the source language transcript into your specified target language. Finally, our editors and proofreaders will review both the original transcription (compared against the audio) and the translation for completeness and accuracy.

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