Voiceover & Subtitles

Voiceover & Subtitles

With online multimedia content becoming ever more important in the global digital marketplace, it has become vital to incorporate foreign language voiceover and/or subtitles as part of a comprehensive localization strategy to bridge communication and cultural barriers.

At Latitude Prime, we offer voiceover and subtitling services in more than 200 languages and dialects, from Mexican Spanish to Moroccan Arabic. Our services include high-quality sound production for live broadcasts, pre-recorded radio, film, documentaries, presentations, webinars, and training/educational materials in a wide variety of subject areas.

Many of our voiceover artists are trained actors, broadcasters and narrators, and our professional voiceover artists speak the chosen language as their mother tongue. We also work closely with our clients to select the right voiceover artist from our extensive database. We will work with you to determine and factor the target language, dialect (e.g., Mandarin Chinese, Latin American Spanish, etc.), male/female voice, pitch (hard, soft), and voice tones (sincere, cultured, humorous, authoritative) to fit your needs.

All of our voiceover recordings are made in professional studios with sound engineers, editors, and state-of-the-art audio mixing and editing technology solutions to provide you with the highest quality end product in whichever format you prefer. Among the tools we use are Wondershare Filmora, Pro Tools, Adobe Audition, Audacity, Sound Forge, and more.

We can also assist you with the translation of your script to ensure that the voiceover aligns with any video frames and timed broadcast, as well as provide your project with multilingual subtitling in SRT format, synching the audio and video perfectly.

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