Website & Software Localization

Website & Software Localization

Website and software localization projects can be some of the most challenging and complex for a business. Some clients only need the text from their website translated, with no special formatting, coding, or localization engineering requirements, and manage the back-end coding and post-localization QA and testing themselves. However, this partial solution should be reserved for those clients who have in-house localization and linguistic expertise. Most of our clients, however, prefer are “start-to-finish” localization process, which handles (with client collaboration) all pre-localization tasks, the localization itself, engineering, and extensive QA testing.

One of the most common mistakes that clients make is by designing their website, software, or app with only the English-speaking market in mind. Then, when it comes time to localize, they are faced with often significant design changes necessitated by the nature of the languages into which they are localizing. For example, if you are localizing an app into Spanish, you need to be aware that when translated from English into Spanish, you can expect the Spanish text to occupy 20-25% (or more) space than the English version. There are many other considerations as well.

Therefore, it is important that your localization partner is involved from the early stages of development, not when you only have a couple of weeks before launching your need website, software program, or app. Our expert localization project managers, engineers, and linguists will provide you with the information and suggestions you need so that your product is “localization-friendly” from the start.

Once you are ready to begin the localization process itself, we will analyze your files to determine the volume of content to be translated as well as the number of labor hours needed for engineering, testing, post-localization QA, etc., depending on the specific statement of work. Based on each client’s individual needs, we will then provide a final, detailed quotation (at no charge) along with a final statement of work.

We utilize the latest in Localization Management Platforms (LMP) – which clients’ developers can interface with directly, upon request – as well as other language technology solutions, such as Computer-Assisted Translation (CAT) and Translation Memory (TM) tools. Our state-of-the-art localization management tools provide for a streamlined, efficient process, along with “intelligent automation” and integration of numerous customized applications.

Of course, even the best localization management platform would not do much good without the right people to use it. At Latitude Prime, we have some of the best localization project managers, engineers, developers, and technical translators in the industry, as well as our comprehensive, multi-step Quality Control Process – including both automated and manual QC checks – to ensure that you receive the highest quality localized deliverable possible.

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